Overview –

Rider Events & Exhibitions (P) Ltd. is a multiple award-winning company which designs and constructs exhibition stalls with innovative ideas and commensurate exposure of the branding along with effective display of product spaces. Rider Events & Exhibitions works towards creating unique designs for brands in all sectors and organizations, delivering a product that fulfills all your company’s requirements. We pride ourselves on precision and excellence by following an effective and structured way of constructing stalls.
With a client base spanning the globe, Rider Events & Exhibitions participates in exhibitions across Europe, Asia and the UAE which has enabled us to customize solutions for almost every requirement of the company originating from any country.


Work-space –

Rider Events & Exhibitions consists of a staff which not only includes individuals who have been in the exhibitions industry for 10 years or more but also the youth full of enthusiasm and ambition to meet the requirements of a dynamically growing global market. Rider Events & Exhibitions has continuously expanded it’s service portfolio to serve the clients better.
Although based in Delhi/NCR, Rider Events & Exhibitions has succeeded in expanding it’s network not only across India but also Europe, Asia and the UAE. Rider Events & Exhibitions also has workshops in the top seven metropolitan cities of India, Poland and Dubai.


Vision –

Rider Events & Exhibitions’s ideas and designing solutions stand apart for their creativity, feasibility and reliable approach to any project.
We believe in customer service excellence therefore Rider Events & Exhibitions provides a full service of display, design and graphic solutions with a focused commitment on quality, value and most of all originality.
Our core objective is to cater to the requirements of your brand and expertly execute our ideas into a fully fabricated exhibitions stall that vividly captures the essence of your brand and is created with a detailed understanding of your exhibition objective. The result of such deliberate and detail-oriented work ensures to to provide you and your target customers a first class experience.